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eSewa Brings 100% Scholarship for Bachelor’s Level


With the distribution of grade twelfth outcomes, understudies are getting ready for the placement test and are likewise hurrying in the journey of finding the school that is reasonable and furthermore has the best instructive climate. Furthermore, clearly, finding a school that has every one of the essentials wanted by the understudy is just difficult. Universities that meet every one of the understudies' prerequisites may not be reasonable for themselves and the reasonable ones might not have every one of them. eSewa is hanging around for taking care of this issue of the understudies.

Catching this present circumstance, eSewa this time has introduced itself as assistance for the understudies who have right now graduated the higher optional level. eSewa has purchased this astounding grant as a potentially open door to understudies who are presently prepared to join Single man level. This grant chance of eSewa won't cost you even a solitary penny, yet it certifications to give 100 percent grant (as per schools' plan) to fortunate understudies in the universities referenced underneath.

  • Imperial Business College: 50% off on Admission and 1st semester for BHCM
  • Universal College, Santinagar: 100% Waive on Admission for BBA, BBM
  • Pheonix College: Rs.1,00,000 waive for BBA, BIT, MBA, MCS
  • Prime College: Up to Rs. 1,00,000 (1st Semester) for BBA, Up to Rs. 1,00,000 (1st Semester) for BIM, Up to Rs. 55,000 (1st Semester) for BBM, Up to Rs. 40,000 on BBS 1st year, Up to Rs. 60,000 (1st Semester) for BCA and for BSc. CSIT (as decided by TU).
  • Nepal Kist College: NRs. 25,000 waive on overall fees for BBA, BIM, BBS
  • Texas College of Management and IT: NRs. 300000 off for BBA
  • SAIM College, Baneswor: Waiver of Rs. 35,000, Rs. 55,000, and Rs. 1,05,000 for students scoring 60-70, 70-80, and 80+ respectively on entrance exams taken by the college for BBA.
  • The Times Int’l College, Dillibazar: 20% off for 15 students on BCA, 20 students on (BBM, BBS, BSW/BA)
  • Sagarmatha Multiple College: Rs.1,00,000 waived for BBM, BCA

How to Participate in the eSewa Bachelor’s Scholarship Program?

  1. Open the eSewa application on your device.
  2. Go to the "Popular Services" section and click on "Bachelor's Scholarship"

3. Fill in all the required details

4. Choose the best college you want to apply for and proceed with the transaction.
5. Pay Rs. 1 to complete your participation.

Note: Re. 1 will be refunded immediately after finishing the transaction. Hence, it won’t cost you even a penny.

Terms and Conditions

Winners will have to provide the original copy of the +2 certificate for claiming the prize.

eSewa reserves the sole right to change terms and conditions anytime with no prior notice to the users.
eSewa can disqualify any user or order that does not meet the criteria and also if the activities are suspicious. 

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