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Nowadays, Vestige is the most popular platform to earn passive income. Vestige is really popular in some countries like India, Nepal, The U.A.E. Kingdom Of Bahrain, Kingdom Of Saudi ArabiaBangladesh. If you also want to work on this platform then contact this phone number +9779813456831, you can also contact me in WhatsApp. 

I will teach you how you can work on this platform. I will also teach in this blog post. how to work in a vestige platform in 2020 with a new way

Vestige is a network marketing which is started in 2004 new Delhi Okhla. This is an Indian company. vestige is globally ranked in 30 numbers. and Indias top 1 direct selling company. vestige network marketing is also available in Nepal. Nepali people also earn with this vestige network marketing. there are some rules or principal to work.

If you don't know how to work then read this article totally. First, you join this vestige network marketing with your upline. then upline teaches you how to work in vestige.

Vestige scope in Nepal:-

This is the best way to improve your house problem of you are poor then you can also improve your self. vestige marketing is growing in Nepal slowly. if you are not joined in this vestige network marketing then join fast. it changes your life totally. vestige Nepal you can say the name of this network marketing. nearly +7000 people have already joined in vestige Nepal.

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9 Types Of Income In Vestige:-

1. Retail Profit (10%-20%)

Retail profit in vestige marketing is the first type of income in this platform. if you want to get his first type of income (retail income) then you need to purchase some product with a vestige. Your downline make some purchase then you can also get retail profit with a vestige

For example:- If you are bought Rs. 100 products then you got 20% retail profit.

2. Performance bonus (5%-11%)

Vestige Atmanirbhar Plan | Detailed Guide | VESTproduct

In this performance bonus, some categories of earning you need to learn how to work a performance bonus in vestige marketing. here are some changes in the performance bonus of vestige in 2020. 


If you got 1PV- 599PV then you got a 5% bonus in vestige marketing or network marketing. You can easily achieve this bonus when you purchase some products. because you can also get this bonus in 1 PV.

Senior Distributor

If you are completed  600PV then you achieve this post you can increase your PV with your purchasing of your downline purchasing. If you completed your 600PV then you are called Senior Distributor. you get your 8% bonus in this post.

Assistant bronze Director

If you got this post then you get 10% of income in performance bonus in vestige marketing. If you are not completed this post. Then you need to complete this to earn extra income with a vestige marketing. here you need to completed 2,400PV to get 10% income in purchasing or monthly.

Bronze Director

This is the first post of Director if you got this post then you can get other income also. If you are not in this post then do fast and do hard work to increase your network in this platform. You need 5,500Pv to get this post I am also trying to get this level. When you completed this level bonus then you get 11% bonus in purchasing of monthly in vestige marketing/network marketing.

3. Bronze Director( 4%)

If you get this Bronze Director post then you can get another 4% income in this bonus you can get 100% in performance bonus or you can get a 4% bonus also at this level.

4. Business building bonus (14%)

If you want to get this bonus then you get to get silver director post when you enter in silver director post then you get 14% bonus

5. Leadership overriding bonus (16%)

You need to get one post that is a crown director post. When you enter this post then you get a leadership overriding bonus 16% monthly. It was easy to complete. If you're increasing your network 5 per date then you can easily complete this bonus In 3 months

6. Travel fund ( 5%)

This fund you can also get when you enter in crown director level. If you complete this level then you can get different type of income or bonus in this feild.

7. Car fund (5%)

This fund you can also get when you enter in crown director level. If you complete this level then you can get different type of income or bonus in this feild.

8. House fund ( 3%)

This fund you can also get when you enter in crown director level. If you complete this level then you can get different type of income or bonus in this feild.

9. Elite club bonus (2%)

If you enter in last level of vestige marketing then you can get 2% income of total company turnover.
if you are already enter in this level then you know what is this. if you don't know what is this then search this in youtube or google and other platforms.
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