Earn Money With Starting Blogging in 0 Investment

Hello friends, Today I will tell you about how you can earn money by starting blogging in 0 investment. it's too easy but read this article to know how to earn money by starting blogging with zero investment. this is a big opportunity for you to start blogging in zero investment. there is not required any amount to start blogging. you can easily withdraw your income in your bank account.

You can get any type of paid website to help to start blogging but the investment is necessary to start blogging in WordPress. I will tell you an easy and no investment platform or trusted.

platform name is blogger if you don't know about this then don't worry I will teach you how to work on the website how to monetize your website and how to grow your website.

How to start in blogger:

First of all, you come to google platform blogger.com and sign in with your Gmail account which you have separately. now create your blogger's first website with blogger put your website title and Domain, select the perfect them for your blogging career there is no attractive and professional blogger template you can download the professional template from another website that is responsive for AdSense and other ads network.

How to do SEO in blogger ( search engine optimization )

It's too easy to do I will teach you how to do SEO in blogger. it's more simple than other blog treating website SEO. if you want to earn large amount of money with a blogging career then SEO plays the main role in your career. First I will teach about simple SEO that is how to write description, tags, and how to add your website to google search console.

If you don't know about that then read this SEO method to learn how to do SEO on your website. first, you need to go to the setting of a blogger. There you can see Title, Description put there your website title and write about your website in 500 maximum characters in the description box. Which content you post on your website, what is your website category all things are put in description box after doing this process then save that

Now come to the next step after putting description there is available search preference. There you can see the meta tags description option. These is tags that help you to rank your website on top.
you can use only 150 maximum characters to put tags for your website. Here also but keywords of your website. if you are starting on how to earn money online then you pt your meta tags ( earn money with blogging, earn money with youtube, make money with freelancing, earn with affiliate marketing), etc. it's to easy to do. I told you about simple SEO I will also tell you about another SEO process also which helps you to rank your website on top.

How to add website in google search console

If you are not want to add your website to google search console then you can't rank on top of google site. if you want to rank & grow then add your website to google search console. If you don't know how to add then read this article. you definitely know about how to add your website on google search console.
 First, you need to search on google "google search console" after search and click on this you can get there 2 options which are Domain or URL Prefix. Copy your domain and add in URL prefix. After adding come to the setting option of the search console. there you can see ownership verification click on this option. there are available HTML tags copy these tags and come to blogger and to Theme and edit HTML there is an available head option press enter on the end of the head then paste HTML tags & save the theme. after doing this process go to google search console and click on the verify button to verify your website.

After adding your website to google search console you need to submit your sitemap also on google search console. First, you need to go on google search console and there's many more options are available to sitemap option. There you can see enter your sitemap URL put there "sitemap.xml" After adding this you finished another one process also now you are ready to write an article of the post on your website.

How to earn money online With Youtube>>

Now Post some articles about your category and also add some internal backlink on your website in second post. Give your first post link on your second post or article. It also helps to rank your website on the Google platform. you need to find some backlink from another website it's also in SEO of website you need to create some backlink which is Dofollw Backlink & Nofollow backlink to get more traffic. I will also provide you some backlink from this website and another website if you want to get some backlink then comment on this post.

you also need to no page SEO of off-page SEO to rank your website. if you missed this point then your any post is not raked on google so do this 2 points also to work in blogger.

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