How to Earn money online from Nepal 2022


Everyone are searching for online work and how to earn money online from Nepal. Every Nepali people wants to earn money online in Nepal using mobile, laptops and computers. If you are one of them then this blog is perfect for you. After reading this blog you can able to make money online from Nepal.

Ways to make money online

If you have some skill then you can easily able to make money online. Some skills like data entry, photo editing, video editing, graphic design and others skills. I will provide you some platform where you can able to make income hourly or daily.

If you don’t have any skill to make money online then here is some website to make money in Nepal with doing simple tasks:

  •          Like Follow in Facebook
  •           Subscribe share & like in YouTube
  •          Website Visiting
  •         Twitter Follow
  •         Instagram Follow
  •          Others

Picoworker is best website to make money online from Nepal in 2022. People are making a lots of money using this website if you are interested in this website. First you need to search picoworkers.com and signup in this website.

After creating Account in picoworkers website you need to complete your profile and verify your email address. After completing this process you are completely able to do task and make money secondly.

When you complete your minimum withdraw balance then you can able to withdraw it through some way such as PayPal, Litecoin, Payeer.

Payment Proofs:-


How to Earn money online from Nepal 2022


Alternative of Pico-workers

In 2022 a lots of alternatives are available of Pico-workers. If you want to work in other similar website to make extra income then I will provide you other one website which is similar to Pico-workers in you will work in these two website then you can able to increase your income as double.

Micro-jobs is the name of website which is similar to Pico-worker. Where you can easily make money online. You just need to do like and subscribe is some social media.


Fiverr is the platform where you got a client. If you have high level skill then you can easily used it as a freelancer. Data entry is the basic and easy job, it is very easy for all of us. But very difficult to get this type of jobs. If you want to get some clients easily then you need to upload some unique Gigs on fiverr. Which help you to get clients.


If you are good in English then you can convert your English skill to good earning with the help of blogging. If you have some investment then you need to by Domain and Hosting then you can able to create content in website. If you don’t know how to write content or blog then you can learn through YouTube. If you don’t know how to design and how to SEO website then you need to watched it on YouTube.

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