How To Earn Money Online With Youtube

Hello Friends, now everyone wants to create a youtube channel and earn money online but youtube not really easy. If you are reading this blog post then you definitely grow your youtube channel and earn money with a youtube channel. Youtube is the most popular platform to earn money online.

There is some category to grow your youtube channel:-

  1. Thumbnail
  2. Video Quality
  3. Resolution
  4. Tags
  5. Description & Title
  6. Playlist
  7. sharing platform
You can check this all think in your youtube videos, all 7 points are very important for youtube career. I will explain all points ho do all things on youtube and how to earn money online with youtube.

1. Thumbnail:-

Thumbnail in youtube videos is the most important thing to your youtube career. You can easily edit your thumbnail with many types of photo editor orb online editing. this process is too easy thumbnail resolution/Size is (1280x720). Edit thumbnail With your video related. you can put some text on thumbnail and icon which is related to your video

2. Video Quality

Video quality plays the main role to rank your videos to earn money online with youtube. If your video has a low competition keyword but your video quality is very low then your video never ranks in the youtube platform. If you don't know what is the right quality for youtube videos then 720P, 1080P, and 4k videos are perfect to upload in your youtube channel. If you are uploading lower than 720P then you never grow your youtube channel and can't earn money online. Make sure to upload high-quality videos in your videos.

3. Resolution

If you Don't know what is the perfect resolution or size of youtube videos and uploading in minimum resolution then your videos not looking so attractive then improve your video resolution to (1280PX720P). Its help to gain youtube subscriber. youtube has some condition if you don't complete that condition then your channel never monetize and you can't earn money online with your youtube channel. Now you can upload videos in the right resolution 

4. Tags

Youtube tags are very important things to rank your videos on top. If you are not putting tags in your videos then you can't rank on top. your videos none can find then input all tags which are related to your videos. If your video's category is a tech & you are telling about Samsung's new lunch phones then you put on your tags section ( Samsung, mobile reviews, new lunch Samsung smartphone), etc.

5. Description & Title

You Already know about description and title but how to put you really don't know you have only 100 words to put title. Put 3 sentences in title to grow your video and get more views in your videos. the title is also played the main role in rank to videos. The description also uses to rank videos upload tags on the description. If you want to put tags on description then put like(#techtime) use # to make tags on the description. You can also put your social media profile link to contact you. It also impacts on your subscriber.

6. Playlist

It helps ho get a large watch time. If anyone searches some tutorial and you also uploaded these videos step by step then create a playlist if your playlist is ranked then you can easily complete your other condition of youtube (4000) Watch hours. It helps to get 4000 watch hours fast if you are not creating any playlist. it's easy to create a playlist. If you are uploading any videos then there is one option that is the playlist you can easily do that in a few seconds.

7. Sharing Platform

If you are starting the first time on youtube then you can't get more views and subscribers. It's necessary to share your youtube videos or channel link on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Vk, LinkedIn, etc. if you don't know how ho share link in the social platform like Facebook create Facebook page and share link in your page and many groups are available with your category and share your videos in all group which is your category.

This 7 category is the most important thing to grow your youtube channel I already tell you about Seo about youtube and how to grow your youtube videos and how to get youtube subscribers and increase fastly.
But I am not saying about earning. If you are already doing this SEO process in your all videos the come in earning how to earn money online. You need to earn money first complete youtube condition 1000 subscriber & 4000 hours watch time. It's necessary to earn money with the youtube platform.

After complete this condition then you need to apply for Google Adsense. Now you can earn money online With youtube. it's to easy to earn money online. There is no hard work to get success. Nowadays everyone wants to join youtube and create videos & they want to earn money online. there is the hardest competition to work but the working method is easy. youtube doesn't see your age everyone earns money with the youtube platform. ThankYou.

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