How to create Privacy & Policy, Contact Us, About Us Page For Your Website

Hello friends, if you are working on blogging or website then you know about pages. If you do not create and pages on your site then you cannot get AdSense approval on your site. today I will teach you how you can easily generate all required pages for your website. you need to read this article fully to get an approval of AdSense on your site.
It's very easy to create a pages for your website. I will teach you in a blogger how you can easily create or add pages on your website with the help of a blogger.


  • Privacy & Policy
  • Contact Us
  • About Us

Privacy & Policy

link of privacy and policy generator

yes, I know you are here to learn how to create a policy page for your website. It's very easy for me to create a policy page. you do not need to write or type for this page because you can easily generate this policy content with other sites. 
First, you need to click on a link to redirect on the page generator. there you need to full fill some info about your siles like your site URL and your website name then you can click on the generate button or submit button which available there. and you can come on an additional option then you can click on the yes button of all the 3 questions. after tick on the yes button then click on the Next button.

Now you need to select your country name. if you are belonging from India then click on India a continue. But you are from Nepal then choose your country name Nepal then select state also. After selecting the state then put your email then click on Generate my policy. then you got your text.

Now you need to go on blogger then click on pages and create a new page then input title name Privacy & Policy then paste your text on their now your policy page is ready to publish.

Contact Us

there are lots of ways to create contact pages of easy to create also. you can easily create a contact page with google drive also but I will tell you another method to create contact us page easily. if you don't know why contact us page is very important? It's all about your website visitors. if your website visitor want to contact you then your visitors easily contact you.

Now you need to click on the link which link is available in the upper side. Click on this ling then you are redirected on the contact form creating page after going there click on try it free. After clicking you can see there some special plans for you. But I will recommend you to click on a free plan and continue. Now you need to create an account on this site after creating your account then you can easily generate your contact form for your website.

Enter your Gmail and password 2 times then click on the signup button. Now your account is successfully created on this site. Now you need to click on the blank form to design a form for your website. You can see there so many options to decorate of edit your contact form for your website.

Now come to the point of how I can edit the contact form for my page? now you need to drag some option on a blank page. First, you need to drag name and tick on the required field to know your viewer's name then you also need to drag the email option and also click on the required option to get your viewer's email. finally, you need to drag the last one which is the long text you need to drag long text and change a label to the message then you also need to tick on the required option then your form is ready to attach on your website. if you want to add another option then you can easily do this also.

when you can complete your form then click on the publish button. then click on the embed button to get your form HTML code. now you copy your javascript code and come to your blogger pages and create a new page put your title name is Contact Us and go to the HTML option ad paste your code there and click on the publish button to add a contact form on your blog or website.


How to create Privacy & Policy, Contact Us, About Us Page For Your Website

About Us


It's also easy like other pages. you can easily generate you're about us page for your website. but you need to do some changes in your generated text. But first, you need to generate text to edit. Now go to the link to generate the about us page. After clicking on this link then scroll down and put your website name or your Gmail address & click on See your page now. you can get your text their first you need to copy your text and paste your text and edit about your page information or detail and publish this page on your blogger site.

Now your website visitors know about you. Now easy to get Adsense approval on your site. If you are created these three pages on your site then you can definitely get Adsense approval on your site.

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