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Hello friends today I will tell you how you can earn money with Facebook. I am already told about other passive earning methods like how to earn money YouTube, how to earn money with blogging, how to earn money with affiliate marketing and how to earn money with freelancing. If you are not read my previous article now. How to earn money online then read all the article to learn how to work and earn money with some online free platform.
If you don’t know how to earn money with Facebook then read this article till the end I will tell all things about the earning of Facebook. First, you need to create your Facebook account with your real full information

Create your page

First, you need to create a page to earn money online with the help of Facebook. If you don’t have any Facebook page then create a new page easily. You can easily find pages to create an option on setting. First, enter your page name to make money with Facebook then select your Facebook page categories like technology arts, comedy, acting and others.
After selecting your category input your information like address, email, phone number, your name, your school name, and other information which is need ti create a new Facebook page. Now try to make your page attractive for your followers. If your page is not attractive then you can’t increase your viewers on your page.
You need to edit some options to make your page attractive first you need to create your page logo which is related to your Facebook page name or category. You can easily generate your logo with some websites. You can search the logo generator on Google page then you can get the different sites to generate a professional logo for your Facebook page. Then generate and download your logo and upload it on the Facebook page.
Now you need to create a banner for your Facebook page if you don’t know what is a banner? How to create a banner? Then I will tell you how to create a banner for your Facebook page. The banner is also most important to make your page attractive. You need to edit Facebook banner some android app if you are using the android device it’s work on ios or pc also. You need to download pixel lab on your android to create a banner for your Facebook page. If you don’t want to create a banner with the application then you can easily create a banner with many websites. I personally recommend you use pixlr to edit a photo for YouTube banner, thumbnail, Facebook banner, and other pictures.
After creating a banner for your website then upload it on your Facebook page after uploading your website is looking very attractive. If your banner or logo is related to your page name or category. You are complete 60% work to make your website attractive. You also need to create a button on your Facebook page. There you can find add button option-click there you can easily add your button on your Facebook page. If you have any website then add your website on their button, if you don’t have then you can add a contact button to contact you.

Create a post on the Facebook page

this is the most important part to earn money with Facebook. If you can not upload any kind ok post then you can’t earn money with the help of Facebook. You need to create lots of posts on your Facebook page. To monetize your post and earn money. It’s easy to create a post if you don’t know how to create a post on Facebook. First, your net to find your category related viral topic then you can research that keyword after research you can add text on suitable blank photos and edit the background of photos to make your most attractive to increase your page likes or followers.

Earn with Facebook

Facebook is an easy way to make online if you compare with other because the Facebook user is higher then other social platforms. Here you can get all ages of people 10-60. Nowadays everyone wants to use Facebook and entertain. You can easily find different categories of groups and pages on Facebook like troll group or page, technology group of page you can get knowledge with many groups. Every business man person wants to create a pate for their company to promote their company. Yu also create a page or monetize your page and earn money daily.

The Facebook requirement to earn money online

If you really want to earn money with the help of Facebook you need to complete your first 10000 likes on your Facebook page then you can easily submit your page for Facebook monetize. If Facebook is approved your request then you can easily earn money with Facebook ads.

This Facebook earning process is the same as YouTube. YouTube also has some strict requirements to earn money. But Facebook doesn’t have a requirement of watch hours like YouTube.

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How to increase Facebook page likes

You can easily increase your like on the Facebook page. I will teach you how you can increase like on the Facebook page. You need to do your post boost with paying $5 if you will pay $5 for boosting your page then you can get likes on your page. You can easily pay this amount with your international visa card, international master card and PayPal also. If you have any one of these then you can page likes daily.
You also increase your Facebook like without paying money if you do not want to pay and want to increase Facebook like. Then you can get a different platform to get free like for your Facebook page. First, you need to on like 4 like the website then you can exchange like with others. you can do like other Facebook page. their other people also like your page then you can easily increase your likes on your page. This the free trick to increase your followers without paying money.

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