hello, friends today I will teach you how you can earn money by playing games in 2020. in this situation, everyone wants to earn money without going anywhere. if you also want to earn money without going anywhere then this article is especially for you.you can learn from this blog how you can earn money by playing simple and easy games. but there is a different platform to earn with playing games.

How To Earn Money With Playing Games in 2020

Earn Money With Playing Games

  • Earning App
  • Live Streaming

You can easily earn money online with playing games in 2020 with these 2 methods I will teach you how you can earn money with this method. I will explain it in a point. because it easy for you. you can easily learn about it.

  • Earning App
If you don't know about earning an app then I will teach about it. it's a very easy way to earn money online but you need to choose a working app. where & which app is best to work and earn money online. you can easily play the game in the application and earn money online in a few steps. if you want to wor on an online app then you need some online wallet like Paypal Payeer, Skrill, PerfectMoney & others.

Many international wallets you need to create. if you don't have any wallet and you don't want to create then you can't withdraw money to your destination. this process is very important to earn money online. If you can cont find the new earning app then you can search about earning on youtube you can find there different type or category game to earn money in 2020. you need to subscribe to some youtube channel that provides you real games to earn money online.

if you don't know about PayPal earning app then you can not earn money right now. you need some knowledge about earning then you can enter in this field. But is you don't know about anything then there is lots of scammers who want to earn money by doing scamming with a new person who is new in earning field 

You can earn self income with this option. If you refer your friends and others then you can also get a commission of a sufficient amount then you can easily withdraw that money in your wallet. You can get passive income with this option. If you don't know how to get passive income with this option. Then you need to know how it works and how it gives you passive income.

If you refer anyone then you can get some percentage of his/ her works. If you are not working in this field but your referral work there then you can also get money without working anything. So try this earning option to earn lots of money with a referral or your progress.

  • Live Streaming

This is the best option to earn money online at home. If you don't know how to earn money with this option then I will teach you how you can earn money with streaming. If you want to earn money with streaming then this post is especially for you. 

First, you need to learn what is live streaming. If you are doing anything then you will share this with others in the social account and streaming platform. If you are sharing your gameplay on a platform and you have some fans then you can easily monetize your video or channel then you can easily earn money with streaming.

But you need to learn how to do live or earn money. Which platform is best to earn money with streaming. If you know about YouTube then this is one of the best options to earn money online. but you need to di first monetize your channel on youtube. if your youtube channel is not monetized then you can't carn money with live streaming. first, complete the condition of youtube then you can easily get reviews of your gameplay on live streaming.

Best Games To Do Live Streaming

  • Pubg Mobile
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Pubg Mobile Lite
  • Call Of Duty
  • World Of Tanks
If you play this type of game then you can grow in a short time and you can start to earn money in a short time. this time is COVID time if you want to start this then this is the right time for you. there is no requirement to start live streaming. if you have a normal phone or pc then you can start your journey with streaming

Top 5 Gamer On YouTube

If you don't know how to start a youtube journey then you can search on google or youtube and I already uploaded how to earn money with youtube read this if you are interested. how you can start your youtube journey without any investment.

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