Earn Money Online With The Help Of Affiliate Marketing

Hello friends, Today I Will tell you another earning method for you. Affiliate marketing is the best method to earn money online. There are easy to earn money worldwide if you don’t know how to earn money with affiliate marketing then I will teach you how you can earn money with affiliate marketing.
There are many steps to follow and earn money with affiliate marketing. If you cannot follow all steps of my instruction then you cannot earn money with affiliate marketing. You can easily find many types of platforms to earn with affiliate marketing.

You don’t know what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best things to earn money with another platform. If some product is available in an online platform like amazon then create your affiliate account on the amazon website or app. Rhen shares your affiliate link to your friends of social media. If anyone can purchase with your link then you can get some profit is called affiliate marketing.

The best platform to do affiliate marketing

You can easily find different types of online selling websites. But you don’t know which is most trusted of easy to do affiliate marketing then read this point. You can easily work in amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Daraz, and other trusted platforms which you know. If you don’t know which the best in these 5 types of the platform then work on amazon this platform is worldwide now. You can easily work with amazon company.

How To Create Affiliate Account On Amazon?

Amazon is a very easy platform to work with affiliates. If you don’t know how to do then read this point. First you need to go on amazon site then scroll down there are available Become an affiliate click on this option on amazon site then signup with your full information.
Then you can get OTP on your Gmail account. Paste your OTP code on amazon site you can put your address, your name, phone number, and other information. Then add your website of abb with amazon if you don’t have your own website then create your free website with blogger then add this website with your amazon affiliate account then click on the confirm button. Fill other information about your website and create your affiliate account.

How To Get Affiliate Link With Amazon Account?

After creating an affiliate account then easy to get affiliate link you can click on product link then you can easily see the link of your affiliate then copy this link and put of social media of your website. If anyone buy with your link then you can get your profit.

How to withdraw money with amazon?

You can get 3 options to withdraw your money. If you have and debit card then you can easily withdraw your money with the help of your card. If you don’t have a debit card then you can also get your payment with an Amazon gift card. If you use the amazon gift card option then you cannot get the money you can buy another product with this card.
Another option to withdraw your money is your bank account if you have your bank account then you can easily withdraw your money with the help of your bank account. Fill all the information about your bank account then you can easily withdraw your money to your bank account.

How to work on amazon?

If you don’t know how to work on amazon then I will teach you how to work. I am a worker on amazon with the previous 6 months. I earned a total $500 from amazon without doing any hard work. You can also earn from this method. It helps you to increase your income.
Create your own website using a blogger if you don’t know how to create a website then read another article on this website. I will help you to create your website for free.

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