Google thanks all food service workers by creating Doodle

Lockdown status continues across the country. As we all know that now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the lockdown till 3 May. In such a situation now people will have to stay at their home for some more days. We will all live in our own homes but there are some people who are working out for us after leaving their home. Google seems to thank similar people. The company has made a series of its doodles. Under this series, the company has thanked all those people who are working for us from outside their home.
Learn about the new Doodle: Google has thanked all the food services workers in their latest Doodle. The company's new Doodle thanks all those who work under Food Services. In this, the G letter of Doodle, on the letter E of the last, which is a food service worker, is seen throwing a heart. On clicking this doodle, you will see a photo in which all those people are present who are standing with us in this difficult situation. Also, information on the Doodle made earlier is also provided.
Let us tell you that in the earlier Doodle , the company thanked all the packaging, shipping and delivery workers who are delivering the goods to the people in this difficult time. At the same time, the company thanked the doctors earlier. As soon as people click on this doodle, they are being provided news related to Coronavirus. Also, there are some tips to avoid this. Read full news here 

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