Review of HUAWEI P40 Pro 

Hey what's up guys will here for GSM Arina Huawei has just released three phones the p40  p40 pro & the p40 proplus. We're gonna talk today about thep40 pro, which we've already had for a while although. it isn't the highest tier model in the roster the pro still brings a bunch of high-end features let's see. what it has to offer in our for review. looks-wise the p40 pro doesn't break the mold what is quite fitting for a modern flagship. It's made from glass with a frame of aluminum and the squared off corners help it to stand out a bit from competitors the back is curved and although the finish is a bit. 

Conservative is quite sleek and elegant looking the major feature here is of course the quad camera setup which take sup a decent amount of real estate of course even though the p40 pro is made of glass you should expect it to be relatively durable and the phone has full ip68 water and dust protection to flipping over to the front we have thep40 pros 6.6 inch curved OLED screen it's resolution is in between Full HD and q HD at 1200 by 20 640 pixels and the display wraps around the edges of the phone up at the top there's a wide punch hole cutout for the selfie cam and to sensor also note that there isn't at raditional earpiece for calls instead the sound is generated by vibrations of the screen the p40 pro is hallways first smartphone with a high refresh rate display at 90 Hertz is not as fast as the 120 Hertz you see in the galaxy s 20but it's enough to make moving element son the screen appear much smooth erunlike the s 20 you don't have to turndown the resolution to enable the high refresh rate content looks great with deep blacks great contrast and accurate colors max brightness is decent at around 413 it's you don't get much of a boost in the Sun however with auto mode on you'll get up to about 500 minutes the display supports hdr+  however because of software limitations you won't be able to get that content via the popular streaming services unlocking the phone is done through an opticalunder display fingerprint reader it's larger than before and among the fastest and most reliable you can get right now there's also the face unlock option which is quite secure thanks to the 3dscan provided by the tof camera it works even in the dark for audio the p40 pro has a single bottom firing loud speaker we would have preferred a stereo setup but seeing as how there's no traditional earpiece maybe it isn't possible here as far as quality goes this speaker's loudness is good and mids and highs sound decent but the those are a little lacking of course if you want to plug in regular 3.5millimeter headphones you'll need to use a USBC adapter here now let's get into the p40 pros software limitations since that's the main caveat to worry about when getting this phone as you might know us sanctions on Huawei mean that this phone is missing Google's apps and services which we're accustomed to herein the West instead of Google Maps you will need to use an alternative at least until wale comes up with its own maps which is developing with TomTomre placing the Google assistant on this phone as Huawei Celia which will arrive with an OTA update down the line for now saying hey Celia merely activates high voice which provides a few voice activated functions to get extra apps you'll need to use Huawei's proprietary app gallery browsing through it you'll see that it still has a long way to go with the App Catalog but at least they prioritize getting the popular local apps onboard what apps are missing can often be found on third-party app stores such as Amazon or apk pure you may have to check multiple places for a specific app though this makes for somewhat of a fragmented experienc

but it's something you can learn to live with especially if you're more tech savvy there are other options out there too for example you can get most of the apps off of your old phone using the phone clone app but since Google services aren't supported some might not even work properly andfor those that do work to keep them updated you'll still need to rely on the third-party stores besides all that though the phone's interface works well it's hallways emui10.1 based on Android 10.

everything feels smooth and snappy there aren't really any surprises here one feature we do like to see is an IR blaster which allows the p40 pro to control certain appliances pretty convenient storage on the p40 pro is pretty generous with 256gigs onboard it is expandable too but you'd have to use one of hallways proprietary nano memory cards under the hood of the p40 Pro is a flagship grade care in 995 G chipset compared to the regular Karin 990 this one has a bit faster processor and well that faster 5gconnectivityin CPU benchmarks the p40 pro does an excellent job scoring at the top of the charts as far as Android phones go GPU wise it's not quite at the top but still flagship worthy you should expect awesome gaming performance here especially since the phone does a great job in managing his thermals as far as battery life goes the p40 probe doesn't disappoint either it packs a 42 hundred million power battery and scored an endurance rating of 94 hours and a proprietary battery tests regardless of screen refresh rate charging speed is quite impressive the phone comes bundled with a 40 watt charger and with it we were able to charge the battery from 0to 80 percent in just half an hour.

 there's also support for 27 watt fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging through which the phone can charge another device now let's move onto the cameras the p40 pro's quad camera setup consists of a 50 megapixel maincamera of 40 megapixel ultra webcam at12 megapixel five times periscope zoom lens and a tof camera we're gonna do a short overview of the p40 pros camera quality here in this video and we'll have a separate camera review if you want to learn even more shots from the main camp come out in 12.5 megapixels as four pixels are combined into one in daylight these look excellent every bit as flagship grade as you'd expect in fact during the day this high quality is preserved across the main telephoto and ultra wide cameras we're really impressed especially by the ultra wide camera another category

 in which the p40pro excels is portraits thanks to the tof camera these are among the best we've seen from a smartphone in low-light the p40 pro continues to impress from both the main and the ultrawide cameras even without night mode on these shots really set the bar for what's achievable by a phone at night in fact enabling night mode for these actually results in a lower quality though brighter result photos taken with the five times nighttime zoom are good in quality too but if you're able to keep the phone stable enough for a few seconds night mode works wonders and improving the output let's not forget selfies they have excellent quality and are quite consistent thanks to auto focus as far as video goes 4k at 30fps is great from all three rear cameras detail leaves a bit more to be desired and maybe that's due to the always-onstabilisation this stabilisation does work quite well though and it achieves the smoothness not through just a is but some AI processing as well so that's the Huawei P 40 Pro it really brings basically everything you'd want from aflagship devices is a good-looking waterproof build a high refresh rateOLED screen an awesome chipset good battery life with fast charging and some of the best cameras around the only features I really miss here are stereo speakers and of course Google services it is possible to get most of the apps you want up and running but it's ahassle and keeping them updated isn't sostraightforward and there are some apps which will never run on this device at all since they rely on Google services in order to work if you don't mind making those trade-offs though then the Pew 40 pro is worth recommending it's basically everything else about it isawesome let's hope that as Huawei sab gallery expands the software situation for the new Huawei phones is a biteasier to live with thanks for watching guys stay safe and see you on the next one

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