How to Find Trending Topic for Blog & Youtube Videos.

How to Find Trending Topic for Blog & Youtube Videos.

Hello guys, I will tell you how to find new trending topics for Blogger, Wordpress, Youtube & other sites. You can find trending topics to create video or article. Trending topics helps you to grow your youtube channel or blogger site.

You can easily beat other youtube channel & your blogger site also.your Blogger site is showing in the top in google.Then you can get more traffic from different country. 

You can follow all the step for find trending topic for daily basis.

1. first of all you can gone on most popular google site that is  .
2. After clicking in this popular google site.
3. Click on a 3 line & go to trending searches.
4. Choose your country to find trending topic of that country.
5. Also click on a REAL-TIME SEARCH TRENDS to select your category.
6. After choosing your category then you can see their many different topics to create blog or video for other sites.


i hope you can learn how to find new tranding topics for blogger and youtube. you can do hard work on your blogger site to get more traffic an create some special videos on youtube to get more views & subscribe thank you for reading this articles or blog 

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