You will not be able to forward more than one message on Whatsapp

The whole world is scuffling with a deadly disease like COVID-19 today. In such a situation, some people are spreading false news and rumors associated with coronavirus. to prevent these fake news, WhatsApp has taken a giant decision. For this, Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has fixed the limit for forwarding messages. That is, now users won't be ready to forward messages to over one person. While the primary 5 people had the ability to forward the message.

WhatsApp has taken this decision to prevent the propagation of false and faux news. the corporate has now reduced the message forwarding limit from 5 to 1, while changing the principles of forward message. Now users can forward forward messages frequently on one chat at a time.

Where the entire world is taking many drastic steps to safeguard against coronaviruses. On the social media platforms Facebook, Twiitter and Whatsapp, some people are constantly forwarding the incorrect messages associated with it. thanks to which rumors are spreading among people. this is often a giant step of Whatsapp to prevent such rumors and faux news.

Apart from this, Whatsapp recently introduced a feature which will help to understand the reality of the forwarded message. Talking about this feature, the corporate has offered a quest option within the forward message. By clicking on this selection, users can be told what quantity truth is there within the message that came to them.

However, this decision of the corporate, taken to prevent the fake news, is kind of commendable. Facebook also took an identical step your time back to curb fake news. At the identical time, Google is additionally flagging the incorrect news. other than this, Twitter has been putting filters on the news to forestall fake news.

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