Earn Money Online With Website Developing | Learn & Earn Money

Hello, Friends today I will tell you how you can earn money in this situation. I will teach you today how you can earn money online with website development. If you don't have any knowledge and skill then you can also do this earning. but you need to learn some basic online. I will also tell you how you can easily learn some basics to advanced HTML and CSS without paying money.

If you are really interested to earn money online with a website developing then read this article till the end. In this article, you know about how to learn some coding to design a website or how you can earn money online by doing simple website designing.

How To Learn HTML?

If you don't have knowledge about HTML then you need to learn HTML because HTML is the most important thing to start website designing. If you don't want to learn HTML then you can't earn money with website designing.
This HTML course is very easy and short to learn. If you want to learn HTML with videos then you can easily learn with youtube videos there you need to concentrate on videos to learn to code

If you want to earn with another method like the theory of live practical then you can get a free platform like solo learn. If you don't know about solo learn then you need to search it on google after searching open the first link and create your account. If you want to earn with your mobile phone you can download the solo learn application on ios/android.

Click here to start learning after a click on it you will be redirected in the solo learn website. After redirecting you need to register there. You can easily register theirs with 3 options.
  1. Register with Facebook.
  2. Register with Google.
  3. Register with Gmail Address.
Earn Money Online With Website Developing | Learn & Earn Money

After doing the registration process you need to log in with your registered account. After login, you can choose what you want to learn. If you want to learn HTML then click on HTML and start your learning journey on HTML. After completing your learning course then you can start HTML practice on the application like Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text Editor.

After completing your HTML course now you need to learn CSS because CSS helps you to design your Website And looking Attractive If you Don't know how to learn CSS also then you can also learn CSS with this website. You need to follow all the instructions which I already tell you how to Learn HTML.
In SoloLearn you can easily learn any type of programming language easily this is the best platform to learn to code. If you are a beginner in coding then i must recommend you choose this website to learn code. If you completed your learning journey now you need to earn money. If you don't know how to earn money online with coding then you need to learn this article till the end. i will start now how you can earn money with coding.

How To Earn Money With Website Designing/Coding?

Hello Friends it's very easy to earn money online. IF you know simple coding knowledge. If you don't know to learn coding then read the upper text to learn how you can learn coding like HTM & CSS. First, you need to earn,
You can easily earn money if you have coding skills. earn money with the following options:

  • Create Your Own Website.

  • Work on freelancing Websites.

  • Start Your Business.

    • Create Your Own Website 
    In this paragraph, I will tell you how you can earn money by starting a website. If you don't know all website is working on HTML & CSS. Now you have perfect skill about HTML & CSS you you can easily start your website to earn money online.

    If you don't how to start a website, First you need to buy Hosting & domain to Start your website. After buying Domain & Hosting you can start to coding on your device. After completing your coding you need to paste it on your Cpanel of hosting account. Now your Website is ready to run. you can easily do SEO no your Website using the Yoast SEO tool.

    You need to post some article or post which is related to your website after posting you need to complete all condition ow website which you need to get ads network approval on your website. After completing all the condition you can easily apply on ads network like AdSense. Media.net, PopAds, etc. If you got traffic on your website you can easily earn money online through your own Website.

    • Work on freelancing Websites
    Freelancing is one of the best platforms to earn money online. it gives you a big opportunity to earn money online here you can get small to big projects/work. After completing the project/work you can earn money online through freelancing websites.

    If you don't know what is freelancing and how to earn money online. then this website concept is very easy if anyone wants to do jobs online and one finds a worker for completing projects they are going on a freelancing site. There you can find 1000+ jobs to start your earning. you can also sell your coding skill on a freelancing site. You need to crate GIG to start your Freelancer Journey. If you don't know which freelancing site is best to work online.
    1. Upwork
    2. Fiverr
    3. Freelancer
    4. People Per Hour
    5. Guru
    You can ealsily start your freelancer journey with the top 5 freelancing websites. If you want to work as a Freelancer then you need to create an account on a freelancing website. Ther is a low chance to approved your account on a freelancing website. Then you need to fill Correct an awesome portfolio in a freelancing website.

    • Start Your Business
    If you have coding knowledge then you can easily start your business website or E-commerce website. There you can sell the Website template and Full website. This is the best way to earn money online. IF your business website is rank on top then you can easily earn lots of money with coding. this process is very easy if you have coding knowledge.

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