Special thanks to doctors fighting Coronavirus by creating Google Doodle

Today the whole world is struggling with the catastrophe of coronaviruses. In such a situation, people have been appealed to stay in homes so that social distancing can be made. But at this time there are some people who are working hard day and night to help you out of the houses. Which includes doctors and medical staff. In the era of COVID-19 epidemic, these people are trying to protect people without worrying about it. In view of their contribution towards the society, Google has thanked them by making doodles in a very special way.
Google always prepares Doodle for the people who contribute towards the society and even today it has done the same. But this time this Doodle is not designed for any individual but for doctors, nurses and medical staff working to protect people from coronavirus. In which thanks are given to all these for their significant contribution.
On clicking the doodle, you will get news related to Coronavirus and main information. Also a video has been shared in which doctors have given some tips to prevent people from coronavirus. Also, medical staff is urging people to stay home.
Let us tell that to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus, 21 days lockdown has been done in India which will end on 14 April. But seeing the situation, it is being speculated that it can be increased now. So far 273 people have died due to this epidemic in India and more than 7,000 people are infected with it. The link to https://www.mygov.in/covid-19 is first shown on clicking the doodle. All the updates related to Coronavirus have been given by the government on this website. Also, information on Arogya App has also been given.

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